Sydney's Best Lipo body contouring experts in Sydney AustraliaYou may be yearning to obtain this surgical technique that would contour your body to the smooth proportionate figure you’ve always dreamt of. This is because you could have spent quite some time in the gym or at your training facility but the efforts doesn’t yield expected results; or you could be undertaking some discouraging diet with the hope of getting that good physique.

The current shape you may be having may not be a good reflection in the mirror and you are on the verge of exploring new techniques that can help reduce excess localized fats, right? You need not to worry. Liposuction is the best technique that you can adopt. After proper preparation and undergoing different procedures, you will eventually come out fully reformed, with that outward slim and athletic appearance that gives you a new outlook-A totally distinct picture of the new you!

What is actually liposculpture? You will realize that this other term for liposuction basically imply an artificial surgical technique that skillfully conducts reshaping and slimming of specific parts of your body. How is this done? This process involves suctioning or getting rid of the excess fat deposits in your body (by using cannula) besides ensuring that your body contours come out perfectly and proportionately shaped.

As this process involves a surgery that is bound to be undertaken in your body, it is highly recommended that you not select the best technology for the procedures to be carried out but also more importantly a professionally experienced plastic surgeon.

There are some specific areas in your body where fat deposits have accumulated they may be the center of focus while conducting liposculpture. They include:

  1. Abdomen and waist- You will notice fat is more prevalent in such areas.
  2. Hips and buttocks- They are also prone to fat deposits especially for the female counterparts.
  3. Thighs
  4. At the cheeks, the neck or even the chin
  5. Between the chest area or at the back
  6. At the ankles especially if you hardly take some strolls on foot.
  7. At the inner knee

You will realize that all the aforementioned area above can induce the undertaking of the liposuction surgical procedures which can be solely taken or coupled up with other complementary procedures. Your liposuction procedures may also incorporate reduction of the breast size, face lifting or face revamping besides conducting some tuck on your tummy.

You will also discover that as you undertake the body contouring procedures, you will experience these advantages:

  1. Your sagging skin will be totally discarded.
  2. Through proper treatment your skin elasticity will be made stronger.
  3. Your muscles will be shaped up to match up with other body parts.

You may want to know different types of liposuction that you can select from them to suit your needs. Here are some of them:

Ultrasound- assisted liposuction – You will discover that this method adopts ultrasound that conducts fat liquefaction, easing its removal from your body. It is bed fitted for sides, back and upper abdomen. This technique believes you me is efficient and less painful and your safety is fully guaranteed.

Tumescent liposuction – This technique will involve numbing a particular area of your body (by using anesthetic) before inserting a cannula. Before conducting this traditional liposuction, you will be injected anesthetic solution comprising of epinephrine and lidocaine in large amounts in the subcutaneous fat layer. This is a bit traditional but the anesthetic will ease you pain while undergoing the procedure.

Laser liposuction – This method adopts the use of low energy and heat imposed on the subcutaneous fat to help in fat liquefaction which is then drained using a micro-cannula. This is also a suitable technique for you due to its safety nature and the procedures are simple.

Power assisted liposuction – This technique of liposuction incorporate the use of power derived and generated from an electric motor or air that is compressed. Through rapid-in and rapid-out movement, it drains excess fats via attached cannula.

After undergoing the treatment and you are now in the recovery stage what should you expect? First, the surgeon will ensure your operated area is fully enclosed (to avoid swellings or infection) by using an elastic bandage, a girdle, a flexible hose for support.

You will be required to wear the wrap for about a month which you can expect some swellings on earlier days before you fully recuperate. Once you feel you’ve regained your normal health status, you can now adopt the new energetic transformation status you’ve achieved!

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