Insights From Someone Who Has Experienced Full Tummy Tuck Surgey

Insights From Someone Who Has Experienced Full Tummy Tuck Surgery

In the 1970’s, as a 13 year old, I underwent an operation to remove a burst appendix.  The surgeon cut from my tummy button down to access the abdominal area. This seven inch scar had to be opened up again for another post operation procedure and resulted in my incurring a very unsightly scar that I lived with until I was in my mid 40’s.

With the passage of time, scar adhesions wand gravity, the scar started to cause uncomfortable tension on my tummy button. The operation and scaring did not allow for a normal abdominal wall structure and I ended with a weak and protruding lower stomach. A plastic surgeon suggested a full tummy tuck would completely remove my unsightly scar and give me a flat tummy also. I agreed to go ahead with this.

The result was nothing short of outstanding and I would do it again in a heartbeat today if I had my time again.   I ended up with an unexpectedly flat stomach and a clear lower tummy I was not embarrassed about when at the beach.

I was warned that it would result in a long scar across my abdomen just below the top of my underpants line. This did not perturb me in the slightest as it would be covered by swimming togs and a minor concern relative to the horrendous very visible scaring I had put up with over the years.

I was also warned that it would be four weeks before I would return to work after the operation and six weeks before resuming any gym membership.

The operation went well and I spent two days in hospital recovering before I went home. The surgeon told me this was common for most ideal abdominoplasty candidates. There was bandaging over the newly formed tummy button and the uncovering of that after 7 days was a special moment.  However, I was not entirely happy how it looked and the surgeon was more than happy to tighten it up to make the opening smaller with a few well placed stitches that did the trick.

You are required to wear a compression bandage for 12 weeks to ensure the relocated skin takes and knits to the new abdomen location. This was essential in supporting the area and very welcome. You are in significant discomfort for the initial period and the support given by the compression garment gave an element of comfort during this time.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone contemplating having this procedure to do it. There is significant discomfort that I quickly forgot as the rewards I experienced we’re outstanding. The lifting of my self esteem on many levels cannot be overstated either.

I hope this goes some way in encouraging those in two minds to make the step I did.

Tony A
Sydney, Australia