Abdominal Support Garments

Abdominal Support Garments

Your doctor will advise you to wear a support garment to support your abdomen after the operation. This may be in the form of a wide binder type garment that goes around your abdomen or a girdle-like garment that holds together by Velcro. These will compress your and help in the healing process and assist in controlling the swelling.

You might wish to have two or three of these binders or surgical abdominal support garments to use in a rotational manner while you heal, so that you can wear one while you wash the other. Some need to be line-dried and are given their thickness are slow to dry, so having a second or third on hand is a good thing.

Abdominal support binders come in several widths and sizes. They can be purchased at many pharmacies or surgical supply stores. The wider binders are preferred to the narrower ones, but that can be a personal preference. Getting a binder on straight and at the right tension can take a bit of practice.

The first few weeks, it may be easier to have assistance put the binder on while standing. First center it at your back and then pull the two ends around so that the end with the Velcro closure overlapped the other side. Try to get it as smooth as possible since any wrinkles can pinch and be uncomfortable in time. You may need to adjust the binder several times during the day as it shifts and moves with you walking and moving around.

There are also underpants that have a compression band to assist support the lower stomach. It is recommended that you talk to your surgeon on using these as part of the abdomen support you will need in the months after the operation.

It is advisable to resist the urge of dispensing with the use of the garment when recovery is underway. It is easy of undo all the do work with not being fully supported if you slipped or fell unexpectedly. It is small discomfort to put up with and may result in a far better outcome. You doctor will recommend the times these garments should be worn both during the day and night. It makes sense to listen to his advice based on his experience with other patients. Read from an insight from someone who has experienced a full tummy tuck procedure.